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Secretary General

harish naik

Secretary General:

"Honourable future delegates , esteemed colleagues and dear friends!"

This year, our vision is not only to uphold, but also to elevate the essence of debate, without any compromise. We intend to proffer three days brimming with diplomacy and unparalleled debate, to seal the deliberations with potent resolutions.

One can never emphasize enough on the significance of peaceful co-existence and rightful development of the world we live in right now. I assure you, not just another conference, but a journey of three days where you shall learn, grow and forge new bonds that shall last, while you embark upon diplomacy for reshaping the norms.

SR Institutions Model United Nations is a legacy we are carrying forward and reopen it every year. I am grateful to our revered founder, our mentors, our sponsors and partners for their trust, support and guidance that has been fueling our passion for the conference, over the four successful editions of the past. I extend my gratitude to the Secretariat of SRlMUN 2017, for their hard work and perseverance, ensuring an exemplary conference. With this, I along with the entire Secretariat, look forward to hosting you this October at , SR Institutions Model United Nations 2017.

Harish Naik
Secretary General
SR Institutions Model United Nations 2017.

Director General

Director General:

"Presenting you the Director General of SRIMUN'17"

Krishna Priya. Salutations. I offer my utmost warm welcome to all the future participants of SRIMUN'17. My name is Krishna priya, and it is my greatest privilege and honor to serve as the director General for SRIMUN'17. SRIMUN has always been a place for me to call home, with my very first MUN experience being SRIMUN'13 back in 2013. This SRIMUN experience ignited my commitment and passion for MUN to this day, and I have since attended several other MUN conferences.

Having been a participant in several previous SRIMUN conferences, I have observed how SRIMUN has expanded and grew over the years. I can guarantee that this year’s conference will exceed expectations and continue to flourish and be a successful consultation where students alike will engage in fruitful debates of current global issues. They say that experience has no substitute. Our aim for SRIMUN'17 is to create an extraordinary experience for participants to improve/challenge their many skills, learn a set of new skills, bond with peers of similar interests, and be a starting point to prepare for other international level conferences around the world.

I look forward to cooperate with the SRIMUN team, and I guarantee that we will work tirelessly to create a flawless MUN experience. Should there be any inquiries or worries that concern me, or the SRIMUN'17 conference as a whole, please do not hesitate to contact me at bkrishnapriya96@gmail.com

Krishna priya
Director General of SRIMUN'17

Krishna Priya

Deputy Secretary General

krishna prasanna rao

Deputy Secretary General:

"Presenting you the Deputy Secretary General of SRIMUN'17 "

Mr.Krishna Prasanna Rao. Welcome to the SR Institutions Model United Nations Conference 2017. My name is .Krishna Prasanna Rao and I have the absolute privilege of serving as your Deputy secretary General for this year’s convening. The SR Institutions Model United Nations Conference (SRIMUN) is a passion for international affairs, high-level debate, and global problem solving. SRIMUN prides itself on being able to offer this experience to both novice and seasoned delegates. As a learning conference, we put skill development, professional networking, and delegate feedback at the forefront. Our brilliant secretariat, talented Executive Board of our organization, and hard-working staff have been working diligently since a long period.

To our newcomers, welcome to the SRIMUN experience! You will soon learn that our conference and team are dedicated to exceptional customer service and place delegate experience at the top of our priorities list. Do not hesitate to contact us at anytime with any questions or concerns you have leading up to conference weekend and expect a prompt and genuine response I am really looking forward to working with you all to ensure that SRIMUN deliberations before, during, and after the conference are top notch; I can confidently say that we at SRIMUN settle for nothing less. I cannot wait to meet you all in Warangal this October.

Warmest Regards,,
Krishna Prasanna Rao
Deputy Secretary General
SR Institutions Model United Nations 2017.

Under Secretary General

abhinav reddy

Rohan Raj

Tulasi Ram